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Only through advocacy have individuals with disabilities gained protections and opportunities to live meaningful lives outside of institutions. Many of NH’s strongest advocates were first impassioned by the grave conditions of the past, including at the Laconia State School. Now, we need rejuvenated support to maintain best practices and improve and expand upon services.

2020 Politic Signs Capital

Legislators and government agency employees make critical decisions that determine critical access to and quality of DDS (development disability services) and ABD (acquired brain disorder) services. Most DDS funding comes from state dollars. Without our input, our representatives will not understand how deeply their choices impact our lives.

Let’s stay informed and advocate for better DDS and ABD services. Please contact Sue O’Callaghan, Gateways’ Director of Public/Legal Affairs & Chief of Staff, via to learn more. You can return the form below to Sue or your Service Coordinator (via email, in person, or by mail) to join Gateways-Family Advocacy Network (G-FAN) and receive our legislative email list (see more details on the form.)

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Issues to Watch

Dear Legislators: Please help with the following:

- Retain January 2021 Health Care Workforce Rate Increase. All Medicaid providers are scheduled to receive a modest rate increase of 3.1 percent in 2021. This action was part of the state budget compromise adopted in the fall of 2019 by the NH Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. It is critical that this rate increase move forward as prescribed in current law.

- Ensure the next state budget build upon the state’s support for developmental services. We're dealing with serious issues, just briefly described below.

o COVID-19 & the Workforce Crisis: The needs of people who experience disabilities did not decrease when COVID-19 came to NH and in many cases, the need for support has increased.

Finding and retaining Direct Support Professionals at the front line of the pandemic is exacerbating what was already known as the Workforce Crisis. Many developmental disability community members are forced to quit their jobs to care for family members because they can’t find qualified caregivers. We’re eager to make sure our representatives understand and implement solutions.

o Funding the Wait List: In the bipartisan budget agreement (HB 3 & HB4) signed into law in 2019, the Legislature and Governor supported the full funding of the Developmental Disability/Acquired Brain Disorder wait lists. On August 28, 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services reported that no individuals were waiting for services. Since developmental disability service are underfunded, individuals and caretakers have often been waitlisted for services. This results in worsened health, strained finances, and decreased opportunities, and this is why we urge for full funding of the wait lists.


• NOVEMBER 3RD ELECTION - General Election for our President, a US Senator, US Representatives, all 400 NH House of Reps, and all 24 State Senators!
-- If you are domiciled in New Hampshire, are 18 years of age or older on the day of the next election, and are a United States citizen, you may even register to vote on Election Day at the polling location for your town or city ward.

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