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Q. How do I know which services will assist me or my family member?

A. An initial phone call will allow us to help you determine your need for services. We can provide you with information free of charge and explain how to go about applying for services or receiving immediate attention.

Q. Do I need to be referred by another agency or physician in order to receive services from Gateways Community Services?

A. No. Some, individuals are referred by local community agencies, but many people just pick up the phone and make the call themselves.

Q. How much will services cost?

A. Many of the services Gateways provides accept Medicaid and other insurances. Individuals who are unable to afford the cost of services and who lack adequate insurance coverage can make arrangements for self-pay fees, which are set according to income levels. Gateways Community Services does not refuse services to anyone based on the inability to pay. We are a private, nonprofit organization.

Q. How long will it take for my family member(s) or myself to actually begin receiving services?

A. Individuals with emergency needs who are eligible for services can be served immediately. People with less emergent needs are scheduled for assessment and follow-up, based on the level of their need for service. There are waiting lists for some services which are dependent upon Gateways Community Services obtaining necessary funding in order to begin serving new individuals.

Q. Can I receive services confidentially? Will information I provide about myself or my family be protected?

A. Gateways assures you and/or your family member the right to total confidentiality with regard to any services you may receive or information you may provide. Any exception to this is explained during the intake process when initial paperwork is completed. At that time, you will be fully informed and will need to provide your written consent for us to release information about you or your family member to any insurance company or any other party you may wish to receive certain information.

Q. What are the qualifications of the Gateways staff who will be providing services?

A. All of our staff undergo a thorough screening and reference check process prior to being hired by Gateways. Also, many of the staff positions require formal education beyond high school such as Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Additionally, our outpatient mental health staff are required to obtain various credentials such as certifications and licensure in order to enhance competency levels. Continuing education and training is a priority for Gateways staff.

Q. Can Gateways refer me to other sources of help if I have needs which it cannot adequately address?

A. Yes. Gateways Community Services maintains a broad network of close working relationships with other community health care organizations who also strive to provide quality care to individuals and families in southern New Hampshire.

Q. What do you consider a disability?

A. We serve young children from birth to three who have a developmental delay or developmental disability.

We serve children and adults with Developmental Disabilities, Brain Injuries and Chronic Health Conditions.

Please contact our intake specialist if you have questions about eligibility.