Nuestra Misión e Historia

Gateways Community Services is a non-profit corporation created in 1981 to establish and maintain programs and services which promote growth and independence for individuals with developmental disabilities. Gateways delivers services to nearly 3,000 individuals with disabilities, families coping with autism, and seniors in need of care. We bring high-quality services to residents in Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, and Wilton.


Creemos que todas las personas son de gran valor. Brindamos servicios innovadores, de alta calidad y a largo plazo para apoyar a las personas a lo largo de su vida para que puedan llevar vidas significativas.


Durante 40 años, Gateways Community Services ha brindado servicios a una población diversa de bebés, niños, adultos y personas mayores con una amplia gama de programas y servicios de apoyo.

In 1975, the New Hampshire legislature passed a law (RSA 171-A) which mandated "the Division of Mental Health to establish, maintain, implement and coordinate a comprehensive service delivery system for developmentally disabled persons." It was this law which created area agencies, defined eligibility, and guaranteed certain services to eligible clients. The service delivery system mandated by the law included the Laconia State School, as well as community agencies, and mandated that each client in the system have an individual service plan. On January 31, 1991, the doors of the Laconia State School closed and tremendous demands were placed on agencies to deliver services locally. Gateways, formerly Area Agency of Greater Nashua, was established to provide innovative support programs and built an effective community-based system in the greater Nashua region to meet this monumental need.

Since that time, Gateways has worked to develop programs to meet the changing and emerging needs of those challenged by developmental and/or physical disability. We have continuously re-engineered our organization to meet the needs of those we serve and have been responsible for the acquisition of three subsidiary corporations. Gateways is a $30 million, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with many interests and stakeholders that serves nearly 3,000 individuals.

Liderando el camino

Many programs' Gateways delivers are unique and leading edge for human services. Gateways is often called on by the State of New Hampshire and others to pilot programs, as we have a long-standing reputation for being entrepreneurial and delivering high quality programs. Clients and their families constantly say, "your organization does whatever it takes to get the job done." Whatever it takes includes developing innovative programs based on local needs, fundraising, advocating for change at the state level, and more.

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