Helping through

all stages of life

We are committed to supporting the many inspiring individuals we assist to lead fulfilling lives. 

Our Mission

Gateways Community Services believes that all people are of great value. We provide innovative, high-quality, long-term services to support individuals throughout their lifetime so they can lead meaningful lives.

Gateways Programs


For more than 25 years, we continue to support parents in their efforts to help their children to reach their maximum potential. Our wide variety of community based services offer many choices, control and flexibility to fit your family’s needs.


We offer people who experience developmental disabilities, brain acquired injuries and veterans home and community based services to help them stay as independent as possible.


We provide resources for seniors to remain active and living at home.


The Gateways Autism Center focuses on providing services for individuals with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum and/or a disability that impacts behavior.

Our Impact


Community Partners

Our collaboration with local vendors has helped to provide support for thousands of individuals this year.


Clients we provide services to statewide


Increased fundraising dollars over the last year


"Gateways has been a tremendous help in Gabriel's progress.  The skills they have taught Gabriel to master have set such a great foundation for him to continue and build on.  The staff are great at communicating his goals as well as listening to my concerns and opinions--we are in it together! I am so grateful!

Julie N.

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"Early intervention has worked wonders for all three of my children.  Our Service Coordinator always listen to our concerns, offers new ideas or tips and, is so caring to our kids.  I love everything about this program.  It helps so many families and children.  I am very thankful for every person that been instrumental in the success of my children. Thank you!!"

Katie G.

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