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Training with Gateways Community Services

Gateways Community Services supports a continuous learning environment to enhance the knowledgebase of the Gateways Community Services community.

New Employee Orientation
New staff is required to attend orientation before working in their programs. New Employee Orientation includes a review of Gateways Community Services' Mission, Standards in the Workplace, Overview of Human Rights, provides OSHA standard training on Blood Borne Pathogens, and provides HIPAA regulations and compliance training.

Direct Support Professionals
We offer Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) training opportunities that deepen and enhance your extremely important roles as caregivers, teachers, mentors, counselors, community connectors, and friends in the lives of the people you support.

What You Should Know When You Are a Caregiver
This training includes information on such topics as Consumer Rights and the History of NH Developmental Services; Health and Safety Tips; Ten Ways to Support a Person with Challenging Behavior; Emergency Guide to First Aid and CPR; and Protecting your Back.

E-Learning Web-Based (Internet) Learning for Direct Support Professionals & others engaged in Human Services Work
Gateways Community Services offers enrollment through required or optional training with The Relias Learning™ - RMLS. This Web-Based(Internet) learning tool provides high quality, pertinent information which is timely, innovative, engaging and useful to Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and other engaged in the human services work . Once enrolled, you can track what training requirements you have completed as well as access a diverse on-line e-learning library of courses containing a variety of topics at any time.

Personal Care Services Provider Certification
By the end of Personal Care Services Certification training, you will have the knowledge, attitudes, and skills you need to be a personal care provider working with chronically ill adults and elders in a general population. You will be ready to work in a variety of long-term care settings, or to go on for further training. The training will teach you how to assist clients with ADLs and person-centered care.

Introduction to New Hampshire Developmental Services
This half-day training offers an overview of the history of NH Developmental Disabilities from the Laconia State School, its closing and how Gateways Community Services got started, to the quality of life in the community, and rights of the Consumer. This training is offered monthly at Gateways Community Services and times of training are staggered to accommodate the various work schedules of our direct support providers.

Health Issues
A three-hour training to staff regarding the following topics: recognizing and dealing with seizures, understanding Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), contagious diseases and other health issues human service staff may encounter.

First Aid and CPR
American Heart Association First Aid and CPR is offered by an American Heart Association certified instructor. Both First Aid and CPR are independent four-hour training sessions. This is an six-hour training that is conducted in two sessions. Session one teaches the correct way to administer CPR while session two offers instructions on how to apply First Aid when needed. Both Infant and Adult CPR certification is available.

Supportive Techniques
To be an effective teacher, we must truly know our students. Effective Teaching has been developed to address some of the challenges faced by the individuals we serve. This training inlcudes Every Day Health and Safety; Helping People Learn Useful Skills; Understanding and Supporting Effective Behavior; and Supporting through Empowerment. This training is offered bi-monthly at Gateways Community Services' affiliate vendor, The PLUS Company.

Medication Re-Certification
This training is for staff or providers certified to administer medication. The State of New Hampshire requires that staff/providers be re-certified on an annual basis. An R.N. will review the policies and procedures for administering medication. A re-certification exam will be given as a completion requirement.

Scholarships for Certification in Human Service
Available to employees, consumers, family members and vendor partners, scholarships pay full tuition for each course in the certificate program. The courses are offered at the NH Community Technical College in Nashua as well as several other locations throughout the state. Scholarships must be applied for each semester.

Special Interest Trainings
Special Interest Trainings are offered to all Gateways Community Services employees, employees of subcontracted agencies, families and consumers supported by Gateways Community Services and/or the local community. A representation of such developmental training includes:

  • Lift & Transfer Training
  • Pandemic/Emergency Planning Awareness
  • Leadership Series: A four-part workshop series for new, experienced, and future supervisors in the field of Human Services
  • It's More than Rainman...It's Our Children. A four-part training on Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • When People with Disabilities Age
  • Guardianship
  • Medicare Part D Training

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