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Service Coordination

Assisting individuals and families with planning, identifying needed supports, and connecting to the appropriate resources and services is an important role of Service Coordination. This can be a challenging and sometimes confusing process, and a Service Coordinator will work collaboratively with you to develop a personalized plan.

Our department serves more than 400 adults including those who live independently, at home with their family, or in another supported home environment. Planning discussions begin with the individual/family sharing their goals and the areas where they feel they need supports, along with their interests and abilities. Service Coordinators can assist with finding resources for things such as residential and vocational services, employment, volunteer opportunities, medical services, social and recreational opportunities, etc.

Service Coordinators have a diverse range of skills and participate in ongoing trainings to ensure that they will provide you with excellent customer service.

Specialty Areas:

Frequently Asked Questions:
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How do I access a service coordinator?

The first step is to call Gateways Community Services at 603-882-6333 and ask to speak to the Intake Coordinator. Once you have completed the intake process and are determined eligible for services, a Service Coordinator will meet with you to develop a plan to address the supports and services you are requesting.

How often will I have contact with my Service Coordinator?

Contact with your Service Coordinator will vary and be determined by your individual needs and the services you receive.

What happens once I am receiving Gateways Community Services supports?

Your Service Coordinator will work with you to ensure that you are receiving the quality services and supports you need. There will be periodic and annual reviews of your service plan as well as ongoing monitoring for satisfaction and progress.

List of Adult and Children's Service Vendors (PDF)