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Partners in Health

Partners In Health Many families face the challenges of raising children with chronic health conditions. At times, the issues can be overwhelming and interfere with everyday activities. Turning to families and friends is often not enough, so Gateways Community Services has created the Partners in Health program to offer support and resources to families of children with all chronic health conditions from birth to age 21.

Children with special healthcare needs make up 6% of the population of New Hampshire. Many of the families confront numerous daily challenges, including medical, insurance, family and educational concerns. Partners in Health stresses a family centered approach to help families define their needs and build competence and skills to cope with their child's health condition.

In New Hampshire, Family Councils are the core of the Partners in Health Program. Each Council is managed by the parents of children with chronic health conditions.

A Family Support Coordinator visits the family to identify the needs related to the child's illness and formulate an action plan to resolve these needs.

Call 603 882-6333 to arrange an initial family home visit by a Partners in Health Coordinator who will explain the program as well as collect the necessary information needed for eligibility.

Eligible Conditions:
Partners In Health Partners in Health services families in NH who have children from birth to age 21 with a with a chronic health condition expected to be ongoing for six months or longer, certified by a physician, and having a significant impact on daily life. These chronic health conditions include (but are not limited to):

At Partners in Health, we offer:

More ways:
Our Family Support Coordinators (FSC's) are friendly, family centered, and flexible. They work directly with families and offer help that is based upon their needs. Our FSC's are available when families need support and they listen and understand.

FSC's collaborate with families to:

Frequently Asked Questions:
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What is the cost?

Partners in Health is free for eligible families and is funded primarily by New Hampshire Medicaid, the Bureau of Special Medical Services, private as well as community grants and resources.

What is the Family Council?

New Hampshire Partners in Health have Family Councils made up of parents who have children with chronic health condition. These councils are involved with a variety of projects - parent education, recreational and social activities, support groups, finding ways for parents to take breaks, and such things as accessible playgrounds. In addition to planning and implementing community projects, our Family Councils provide a forum for mutual support. Together, they also link our families, communities, and State, providing a collective voice for families who know the issues of raising children with chronic health conditions. The Council meets on a monthly basis. Please call the Family Support Coordinator for more information

What towns are serviced by Partners in Health through Region 6?

Region 6, Nashua area covers: Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, Nashua, and Wilton. Please call: 603-459-2744.

Region 10, Derry/Salem area covers: Atkinson, Chester, Danville, Derry, Hampstead, Newton, Pelham, Plaistow, Salem, Sandown, and Windham. Please call: 603-459-2763.

Partners in Health is a statewide organization serving all of NH. For information about other PIH NH Regional offices, please go to