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Benefit Programs Management

Gateways Community Services can help you enroll in and manage numerous state and federal medical and financial programs. Our trained staff can manage the paperwork for you or provide consultation so you can do it yourself. Below are a selection of the services with which we can assist you.

Social Security Representative Payee Services
Gateways Community Services can manage all aspects of your Social Security programs. Our expert staff can guide you through application processes and manage any ongoing required paperwork.

Once you begin to receive your Social Security benefit checks, Gateways Community Services can act as your Social Security 'Representative Payee'. This means that you can authorize Gateways Community Services to manage your Social Security funds for you; you can have your checks direct deposited in a dedicated account, set up a monthly budget, and then have Gateways Community Services pay your bills for you using that account. Your budget could even include weekly personal spending checks made out to you directly. This will help you to budget your personal spending throughout the month.

This service is very helpful to people who have difficulty with budgeting and money management. There is a monthly fee for this service.

For more information regarding the Social Security Representative Payee Service, please contact our Consumer Benefits Manager at (603) 459-2722.

Medicaid Authorized Representative Services
The Gateways Community Services staff can assist you in signing up for the Medicaid program which will meet your needs the best. Once you are enrolled in a Medicaid program our staff can help you to maintain your coverage. During the enrollment process, our staff will submit any paperwork required and go to the interview for you. This will assure that you have the healthcare coverage that you need.

Financial and Medical Benefit Program Consultation
Our staff can meet with individuals and families to review their current benefits, answer questions and make recommendations to maximize their coverage. This consultation covers benefit programs for adults or children.

Some of the programs we can help you with are:

For more information, please contact Gateways Community Services.