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Early Supports & Services :: Additional Questions

Q. Do I need a referral from my Pediatrician?
Early Supports & Services No, not for the initial intake appointment. Parents may self refer by calling or emailing us directly. If, at the Intake, you wish to proceed with the evaluation, ESS staff will ask you to sign a form to request physician’s orders be completed by your child’s doctor.

Q. If my child is eligible, where will services be provided?
Early Supports & Services A. The heart of ESS includes parent education. It is preferred that services are provided in the child’s home with parent/s present. This allows the parents to learn strategies to carry over therapy throughout the child’s daily life. After every therapy visit, progress notes, along with any suggested activities are written up and a copy is given to parents. In the rare instances that services take place with a child care provider, therapists will be in contact with the parents to go over the progress notes and explain any suggested activities.

Q. How many therapists will be working with my child?
Early Supports & Services A. ESS services are provided with a transdisciplinary approach. This means that your child, if eligible for our program, will be assigned one primary therapist who will work with your child. Having one consistent therapist allows children to feel comfortable and form a solid relationship. If necessary, your child’s therapist will call in other therapists to be sure all development needs are being met. The transdisciplinary approach results in ESS being provided in a seamless, efficient, and comfortable manner for the whole family.

Q. If ESS services are available from birth to age three, will my child automatically receive services until his/her third birthday?
Early Supports & Services A. Once eligibility for ESS is determined, the family and therapist work together to create a plan called an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP). The IFSP includes goals and strategies to maximize your child’s development. When the goals on the IFSP are accomplished, children are then discharged from our program. Families are encouraged to call ESS at any time before their child turns three if they have further developmental concerns.