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Consumer Directed/Custom Services

A creative and customized long term care program for adults (21+ years) with developmental disabilities or a brain injury.

If you are looking for service, but also want to choose your options, Consumer Directed Services gives individuals and families the opportunity to develop and manage their program of services. Every family can choose the support services and people that meet the needs of their family member with disabilities, respecting the family's values, needs and priorities.

Individuals work collaboratively with Gateways Community Services to best meet their needs while at the same time meeting the requirements of the federal guidelines.

Adult Custom Services offers adults with developmental disabilities and their allies the opportunity to design and manage the supports and services that are meaningful to them. Then, working within guidelines, they determine the price of those services and use Gateways Community Services as their Fiscal Agent to purchase services. It is the individuals, with their allies, who provide authorization for the use of Medicaid dollars allocated for their individualized supports and services.

For more information, please contact Gateways Community Services.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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My son or daughter needs a day program, respite away from our family, and needs assistance in our home. Can this program help with all these needs?

Yes, the Adult Custom Services Program will work with the family to build a budget that is affordable to purchase all of the needed supports. Families can choose to have a program that offers a number of part time choices.

I don't know anything about supervising workers. Will this program work for me?

Gateways Community Services will assist families to recruit, screen, train, and supervise workers. Gateways Community Services will be the employer of record.

What if I decide on a plan and want to make changes later?

Families can change their services with the assistance of a Gateways Community Services Service Coordinator as long as it fits within their budget and the Federal Medicaid regulations being followed.

When is it a good time for me to consider Adult Custom Services for my son or daughter?

You can enroll in the Adult Custom Services Program and transfer your funding to an individualized budget as long as these are services funded by Gateways Community Services and you are found eligible for the funds. Adult Custom Services is ideal for families who want to design and manage their own supports and services, and who want to play a very active role in the development of the individuals day-to-day scheduling.